Friday, October 15, 2010


I am on bedrest only two more days. Thank GOD! Im glad this precious little one has stayed put in there long enough to not give mommy a heart attack. Im also glad to be able to move around like a normal person! I am planning on celebrating on Sunday by going to church...havent been for a month, and thats been tough. I also plan on taking walks each evening to get back into "shape" for the birth. I definitely feel like mush after 4 weeks on my rear end.

We have everything ready for the birth, have the birth pool and all its accessories, as well as my birth nest is all set up. The cloth diapers are getting here today, which is the last thing we need for baby. Im ready, but not ready, for this little one to come. I still think its too early, even though 36 weeks is generally ok. I just dont want feeding problems, ugh, that is just too trying (Im having flashbacks of Elijah's first month of life). I also want Larry's mommy to be here, so that I wont have to worry about the kids during the birth. After next Sat, Ill be raring to go!